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Our head is the most complex and perhaps the most important part of our body. It determines everything about us - who we are, what we do, how we behave, and think, and feel.

Of around 14 million people who are treated at Accident & Emergency departments in England and Wales each year, about 10% will have suffered some form of head injury. Nearly 150,000 of these patients are found to have a head injury which requires admission to hospital. About 14,000 of them are severe head injury cases, and require treatment in a specialist unit.

Most head injuries are caused by car crashes, falls, assaults, accidents at work or at home, or during recreation or sports.

Minor head injuries – such as concussion – may heal rapidly and completely. Other injuries may cause both physical and emotional problems, and can take many months to recover from.

Severe head injuries can have permanent and catastrophic effects, including changes in personality and behaviour, and loss of mobility. The effects can be devastating not only for the injured person, but also for their family. But in these cases too, Temple-Head can help to improve the injured personís quality of life by calling in the most appropriate help, support and rehabilitation.

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